Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How many measures do I need to report?

For 2019, you need to report a minimum of 6 measures with at least one of those measures being an outcome measure


  1. Should I report on a provider who has left our organization?

There is no need to report a provider who has permanently left your organization.  However, if the provider returns within two years then the reporting penalty will take affect


  1. How is the data collected and submitted to your database.

There are 4 options for collecting clinical data:

  • Using the QCDR hand held app, data can be collected at the time of service and is transmitted directly into the ABG database.
  • Data can be entered into an ABG Excel template spreadsheet and uploaded into the database periodically.
  • We offer a SOAP API specification for directly transferring data from EMR or EHR systems into our database.
  • Data can also be loaded through case editor on the web site, although it is not intended for that purpose.


4. Can a provider log into the system to see their progress?

Yes, once a provider is registered, they can log in at any time and track their own individual progress.


  1. I work for a routine Eye/Endo  practice. Will I be able to find enough measures to report on?

Yes, we have many small organizations that do rapid turnover, routine cases. They are able to successfully report on enough measures to meet CMS reporting requirements through the ABG QCDR.  It is worth noting that CMS reviews measures every year and requires us to reapply, so measures are likely to change from year to year.


  1. Do I need to report on all of my cases?

Yes, when reporting through a QCDR you are required by CMS to report on your entire case load for the year, not just the Medicare cases.


  1. Can we send data directly from our EHR/EMR system.

We have created direct transfer interfaces with some of the most popular EMR/EHR systems, and we are continuing to add more.  Please contact our support department for more information and an up to date list.


  1. Who is responsible for getting the data into the system?

We have technical people that can assist you with the initial loading of data into our database. After the first few sets of data are successfully loaded, you will be able to perform the data uploads at regular intervals that suit you.


  1. When do my reports get sent to CMS?

When you have completed uploading all of your data into our database, you will confirm that you are ready to send the data by selecting a ‘submit to CMS’ option. ABG will then prepare a report and send the data to CMS on your behalf.  The reporting window for CMS is from mid Jan through March 31st, but we require that all data to be loaded into the database by March 1st.


  1. What measures should I select?

CMS will inform us which measures are approved by spring, we publish the final list then. In January, participants should pick more measures than they expect to eventually report as some may be lost after the approval process is complete. You should select measures that are relevant to your practice for which you can collect substantiating data.  Some measures are ‘inverse’ measures, meaning that a 0 occurrence of those measures is acceptable (and indeed desirable).


  1. How often should I upload data?

We recommend that you upload data as frequently as possible. It minimizes the burden and makes it easier to catch and correct errors or upload problems.


  1. When are the deadlines for submitting data?

Data should be uploaded and confirmed accurate by March 1st following the reporting year.


  1. Can I register my providers on their behalf?

No, all providers who intend to report through the ABG QCDR must accept the registration email individually, and create an account, by logging into the ABG site and creating a password.