Our mission is to help our members improve the quality and efficiency of the anesthesia care they provide. We strive to accomplish that goal in a way that is cost effective and does not interfere with the delivery of care.


    • Our Clinical Data Warehouse has been approved as a Qualified Clinical Data Registry (QCDR) since 2015.
    • 27 non-PQRS measures (for 2016)
    • Measures clinically relevant and practical to collect
    • Easy sign up process
    • Cost effective, care-team friendly pricing:  2016 Pricing
    • Reports are timely, informative, customizable and always available on line
    • Fast implementation
    • Easy electronic data collection available- see QCDRapp below
    • Easy, electronic process for completing validation requirements
    • Automated system for measure selection that ensures compliance
    • User friendly system that allows practice administrators to
      manage their accounts and submit data to CMS without the need for IT assistance.



  • QCDRapp– (provided by Insight Medical Data Services)
    • Hand held, user friendly application
    • Collects all the information you need to meet your PQRS requirements in seconds
    • No pre-existing infrastructure requireddoctor2
    • Easy and fast setup
    • Runs on iPhone, iPad and Android devices.
    • Click here for more information on QCDRapp 



  • Two options for QCDR participation:
    • QCDR only– minimizes the information that users are required to submit, but also reduces the reports and other data that are available as feedback
    • Full participation in ABG Patient Safety Organization (PSO)– users report from our full list of PSO observations and submit demographic data from their billing office. In return, they have a full set of reports available for benchmarking and are able to participate in our quarterly PSO meetings.
      • There are no extra charges for PSO participation at this time, but we reserve the right to introduce charges in the future as the level of service increases.
      • More information about the ABG PSO here: ABG PSO



  • Request More Information
    • Information on ABG QCDR: email

Joy Ketchum jketchum@anesthesiabg.com with cc to rm@imdsweb.com



I’m Ready, Sign Me Up!

  • If you would like to proceed, you should take the following steps:
    • Request legal documents and provide the following information in your request email:
      • Number of anesthesia providers and types in your organization
      • Number of non-anesthesia providers that will need access to the system to submit or review data
      • Number of Tax ID numbers your organization bills under
      • Number of facilities you practice at
      • Person to whom invoices should be sent
      • Clinical leader for your organization
      • IT contact for your organization
    • Where do I send the email?

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