• Which QCDR Should I Choose?
    • There are only two anesthesia specific QCDRs in the US that are open to the public at the time this was written. They differ in their pricing structure and the benefits they offer. The answer will depend on the type of practice you have and what you expect from your participation in the QCDR. Attributes of the ABG QCDR can be found under Products and Services.


  • What do I have to do as a participant?
    • Obtain consent from your providers to submit their data to CMS
      • We provide sample consent forms
    • Enroll all of your providers on our web site
      • We provide an automated system for creating invitations
    • Submit Clinical data through one of the following methodsdoctor1
      • Manually on our web site
      • Excel spreadsheet upload on our web site
      • QCDRapp – no website use required
    • Submit demographic data from your billing office by excel spreadsheet-upload on our web site
      • QCDR only users- not required if using QCDRapp
      • Full PSO participant
      •  Form more information email Kathy Pratt kpratt@anesthesiabg.com

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