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The Anesthesia Business Group responds to the need for improved patient care with the formation of two subsidiary organizations:

As it became apparent that the use of a data-driven, quality based system was enhancing patient care, ABG leaders foresaw the need to be at the forefront of the performance measurement movement and set a goal to become the vehicle of choice for anesthesia groups as they looked to benchmark the clinical performance of their clinicians.

To enable this goal, ABG established The ABG Anesthesia Data Safety Group, LLC, a federally qualified Patient Safety Organization (PSO). This organization has been aggregating deidentified data from many of the individual ABG Member Groups since 2008. It’s proprietary data warehouse currently holds data on over 2.4 million anesthetics in a secure environment and is the largest database of anesthesia indices in the United States. Once aggregated, the data trends can then be provided back to member practices for the purpose of identifying clinical treatment patterns and to determine best practices.

The help facilitate ABG’s research and understanding of this data, in 2009 ABG formed the Anesthesia Safety Research Institute, which is qualified under the 501(c)(3) section of the federal code. This designation allows ABG to receive tax-free research grants.

Through its subsidiaries, ABG is currently conducting two grant-funded research projects.

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