Clinical Data Services


The ABG believes that observational databases are an important part to meaningful clinical research. Reliance on randomized, controlled trials alone is insufficient to predict the outcome of different treatment options for patients undergoing anesthesia.  Data must be gathered from both randomized, controlled trials and observational registries.

The ABG Anesthesia Data Safety Group registry presents a unique data source to provAbout_pic1ide a better understanding of anesthesia outcomes in terms of type, frequency and severity.  The registry makes it possible to identify factors that contribute to positive or negative outcomes and to identify rare events.

A prospective, observational patient registry is also a preferable and practical research tool for modeling perioperative outcomes, providing a real-world view of clinical practice, patient outcomes, patient safety, and the comparative effectiveness of different perioperative treatment plans.  This is especially true in the operating room, where randomized controlled trials are difficult to conduct.

There is a lack of research describing perioperative safety and outcomes due to the sparse availability of large pools of validated standardized clinical outcomes data in anesthesiology.  Today the ABG Anesthesia Data Safety Group contains in excess of 2.4 millions cases and growing number of clinically-enriched administrative data from across the country.  It is our goal to provide a secure research based environment through our registry where our researchers may better understand trends and thus provide information back to our participating clinicians and others to improveOrganizations-300x224 patient safety and outcome.  By design, randomized controlled trials are often limited by strict methodologies that occur in an ideal world setting.  Development of state-of-the-art observational patient registries is a preferable and practical research tool for modeling perioperative outcomes in a real world setting.

The ABG Anesthesia Data Safety Group welcomes applications from qualified researchers that are interested in studying large national registry.  Research applications will be reviewed by the research committee of the ABG Anesthesia Safety Research Institute.